The event offers a great outdoor experience in the beautiful countryside of Jutland around a city, known for its part in Danish history – the royal city of Viborg. The march offers activity on a variety of levels, catering for the top-trained rambler to weekend walkers, from single sportspeople to organised teams and for those on foot and those in wheelchairs.

The organisers of the HÆRVEJSMARCHEN have in recent years looked back in history, as well as forward in time, to find the right formula for coming events. This has resulted in a rejuvenation of our profile and a renewal of the event. However, the fundamental principle of the HVM remains: “Creating a positive experience on the road to health”.


  1. Walking and exercising – with big and small steps
  2. Community feeling – walk on your own or with friends, with your own countrymen or with other nationalities
  3. Entertainment and amusement – before, during and after the march
  4. A uniting activity in the Viborg region and a natural part of the town festival
  5. Held every year in the last weekend in June