Every year, HÆRVEJSMARCHEN has about 350 volunteers.

There is a wide range of tasks to be performed, providing services to the thousands of people who come from home and from abroad to walk the scenic and historic routes in and around Viborg. 

Examples of tasks

  • Route marking on Saturday and Sunday
  • Handing out start card and service tickets
  • Resting places and cleaning up along the routes
  • Registration and handing out start cards etc.
  • Erection and dismantling the tents
  • Control clips along all the routes
  • Furnishing of Kasernehallen (The Sports Hall) and the function tents
  • Distribution of medals and sale of diplomas
  • Info stall, sales stalls and tents
  • Service and guide functions
  • Music and speaker functions

Come and join us!

Would you like to be a volunteer?
Send an email to info@haervejsmarchen.dk

Tell us who you are and what you want or are able to contribute. You will always receive an answer – we might be sorted, or we might suggest a different role.