After completing a two-day march of at least 2x10 km, participants will receive a HÆRVEJSMARCHEN medal, black grouse or number.

IML medal

Anyone who has completed 2x20, 2x30, 2x40 or 2x45 km, as well as hikers over 70 who have completed 2x10 km, is qualified to receive an IML stamp in their international walker passport.

At certain numbers of IML stamps (1, 12, 21, 30, 75, 150, etc.), you can buy IML medals according to the rules. You may be appointed European Walker, International Master Walker or Global Walker.

IVV stamp

HÆRVEJSMARCHEN has been approved as a special event by the Danish Motion Association, which means that all hikers who have completed one of the routes can get an IVV stamp as proof at Kasernehallen (The Sports Hall).


After completing the march, diplomas printed with your name and completed distance will be available at Kasernehallen (The Sports Hall) for DKK 25.

IML Walkers

"International Master Walker"
(must have completed 8 different IML marches, incl. Japan)

"European Walker"
(must have completed 8 different IML marches in Europe)

"Global Walker"
(must have completed 75% of all global IML marches).

Medals and diplomas for the routes

  • Anyone, regardless of gender and age, can join all the routes
  • Everyone who completes a two-day march will receive an HVM medal
  • Everyone who completes 2x20 km will receive an IML stamp and can buy an IML medal
  • There is an age exception for the IML stamp and medal for 70+ (2x10 km.)
  • There are posts on the routes which provide control clips in your start card
  • A one-day start card does not qualify you for a medal
  • Everyone who gets to the finishing line can buy an HVM Diploma for DKK 25
  • Everyone who completes a route can get an IVV stamp for free
  • Children who complete 1x5 km will receive a children's medal and diploma

As stated earlier, participants must walk on both days to get a medal, and complete one of the walking distances on Saturday or Sunday on foot, through Nordic walking or in a wheelchair, individually or in a marching team.
(A one-day start card does not qualify you for a medal)