Hærvejsmarchen does not use your social security number and you are not at any time asked to enter it in a form..

By registration, you can be asked for your healthcare card, if you are Danish, as practical information about name and address can quickly be obtained, rather than by manual typing, but the social security number is neither read nor stored. Hærvejsmarchen does not use NemID, NemLogin or other commercial login facilities.

Identification of your person through the registration system happens by name, birthdate, phone number and/or shopping basket number, depending on whether you register on this website or on the friday, before the march in the registration hall.

Information that is not published:

  • Adress
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Accommodation information
  • Information about absence

Published information

  • First name and last name
  • Area (not full address)
  • Country
  • Whether the march is completed
  • Whether it's your birthday
  • Chosen distance for walking
  • The name of the team you are signed up to
  • How many times you have walked


Hærvejsmarchen stores your email address, but does not use it for other than sending the receipt at payment. The email address is not publicly available.

Hærvejsmarchen stores your name and the number of times you have walked for medal information. This is also used for next year's registration.

Hærvejsmarchen uses your e-mail address and postal adress, if this is given, as well as the given country, for sending out next year's march brochure and maybe some news letters. Hærvejsmarchen uses your birthdate to determine which marching distance you can select as well as which rebates will be usable for your age during registration.

An example: 70 + if you have your 70 th birthday on the first day of the march. The information is also used for those who have birthday on either the Saturday march day or the Sunday march day as well as for statistical purpose


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