IML Walking Association

HÆRVEJSMARCHEN is part of IML (the International Marching League) Walking Association, IVV, DFIF, the Fodslaw walking association and Dansk Motions Forbund, and is recognised by the Danish Olympic Committee (DOC).

In 1987, in Tokyo, HÆRVEJSMARCHEN was one of the eight multi-day marches which founded the IML march organisation (the International Marching League). Many more joined later. Today, there are 28 IML marches spread across the globe. In 2009 the name was changed to the IML Walking Association, and remains to be shortened to IML.

The basic idea of IML is that by participating in other countries’ march events, you can create international understanding and peace between people, as well as experience the unity that exists between hikers from many different countries.

If you wish, you can buy an "International Walker Passport" when you first participate in an IML event. This will be stamped after you have completed the march, and you can then buy a bronze medal and a 'bronze bar' with the name of the country on it. See the march calendar on the link to IML’s website at the bottom of the page.

To complete an IML march, you must walk at least 2x20 km on Saturday and Sunday. (Participants who are 70 years old on the first day of the march only have to walk 2x10 km). This qualifies you for an IML stamp in your IML passport, and for buying the coveted IML medal. If you have completed a certain number of marches, you can become a "European", "Global" or "International" walker. (See more at ; Some hikers who take part in HÆRVEJSMARCHEN have completed over 300 IML marches around the world.

More information

Information about IML can be obtained from:

HÆRVEJSMARCHEN’s secretariat
T: (+45) 86 62 58 54