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Hærvejsmarchen 2021


At the moment we don't know, whether it will be possible to invite you to HÆRVEJSMARHCEN 2021. It all depends on the outcome of the Corona pandemic. Right now, the board is working on the following three different scenarios to be able to complete hiking routes in 2021.

By the beginning of March 2021 at the latest, we will make the final decision on this year's march. Only then registration will be opened.

Stay tuned here on the website, on Facebook and in the newsletter - then you are updated on what is going to happen.

  1. HÆRVEJSMARCHEN as before (with an international IML March) the last weekend in June according to current rules, routes and medals.
  2. A national physical hike with up to 5 alternative hiking routes with self-service checkpoints in and around Viborg, which can be completed from April-July 2021 and / or a special physical hike in the last week of June. Special medal or pin as proof of completed hike
  3. A virtual hike as in 2020 with a special medal or pin as proof of completed hike.


On our Facebook page, lots of people have discussed their experiences with HÆRVEJSMARCHEN. See all the reviews on Facebook – and please do tell us about your experience with HÆRVEJSMARCHEN

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