Whether you’re walking for one or two days, it might be convenient to stay in Viborg overnight. Read about the various options here.

Accommodation offers

HÆRVEJSMARCHEN provides accommodation at Nordre School, which is within walking distance, and in the Handball Halls, which are right next to the starting and finishing area.

Indicate your wish for accommodation when placing your online order. Places are allocated on a "first come first serve" basis, and we recommend pre-ordering and paying before the 23rd of June 2019 to ensure accommodation at your chosen location. (But we will probably find room for everyone, even on the day itself)

Price: DKK 80 per night
Tickets for accommodation are distributed with the start cards at Kasernehallen (The Sports Hall)
(see time and place)  

REMEMBER: There are no beds or mattresses, so sleeping mats and sleeping bags must be brought with you. To protect the floors in the halls, please wear soft footwear.



For hikers who have not booked accommodation, a ticket to a bathroom in the barracks can be purchased: PRICE DKK 10 (1,5 EURO)

If you have questions regarding accommodation and overnight stays, please contact us at HÆRVEJSMARCHEN’s secretariat.

Other accommodation in and around Viborg

Besides the march’s own accommodation, there is the option of accommodation at hotels, inns, dormitories, bed & breakfasts, campsites or private arrangements. 

Accommodation in Viborg