Your start card is your entry ticket to HÆRVEJSMARCHEN

Registration for HÆRVEJSMARCHEN happens by buying a start card, which can be purchased online until the 23rd of June 2019. After that, it is possible to buy start cards directly at the starting area on the day.

We encourage everyone to use the online registration, including people who have previously registered using giro cards. Alternatively, you can print, fill out and submit this registration form.

Pre-ordered and paid-for start cards must be collected at Kasernehallen (The Sports Hall) at Tingvej 17, Viborg, on the march weekend itself. Start cards are issued in numerical order, so remember to write down the start number that was sent to you by e-mail shortly before the march.

It is also possible to purchase starting numbers and order food and accommodation on the day – ask to do this at Kasernehallen (The Sports Hall). In case of late registration/purchase on the day, you will be registered in our online registration and be provided with a start card on the spot.

Please note that the payment function in the registration module charges a small fee when you pay by card.



Your start card

  • Is personal, and must be worn visibly during the whole march
  • Provides access to resting places, toilets and first aid along the routes
  • Gives you the right to be driven back to the starting point in case of injury, discomfort or similar situations

Collection and purchase of start cards

Start cards can be collected and purchased at Kasernehallen (The Sports Hall) at the following times:

  • Friday, 26th June from 12:00 to 21:00
  • Saturday, 27th June from 05:00 to 09:00
  • Sunday, 28th June from 05:00 to 09:00
  • Until 11:00 for 10 km both days and for the Children’s March on Sunday
  • On Sunday morning, one-day cards from the Saturday can be exchanged for two-day cards and a medal.

At the same time you can buy/order meal tickets and accommodation (if this is available).

Prices of start cards

Start cards for two-day routes Adults
DKK 250 including an HVM medal. Children and young people up to 20 years: DKK 175 including an HVM medal. 
DKK 50 discount when you register before the 31st of May

Start cards for one-day routes/the Carnival March/the Pilgrimage Walk
Everyone (adults and children): DKK 100
For the Carnival March, buy one-day cards for the Saturday
For the Pilgrimage Walk, buy one-day cards for the Sunday

The Children's March
Children: DKK 75.
Adults accompanied by children are welcome for free.

The price is the same, regardless of the length of the route. The distance on the start card can be changed online on your registration until the 23rd of June.